Business Class Email

Are your agents still using an @msn, @yahoo, @aol email address? You have the reputation & resources of the New Way Properties brand behind them - let your customers know!

  • Provide a professional email with email accessible online and compatible with Outlook or any Email client.

  • Email is increasingly how your leads are being delivered. Mobile email is growing fast, but at what costs? Provide mobile email at a fraction of the cost of Verizon, Spring/Nextel, BlackBerry, and BellSouth.

  • Get access to from anywhere, mirror all your email work no-matter if you work with email from home, office, or any mobile device.

  • Keep your emails backed up and accessible online.

  • Industry leading spam & virus protection keep your staff safe from losing data.

  • Manage transactions by assigning deliverables, with notification and single view status updates.

Give your agents the tools they need to work from anywhere and increase sales productivity. Real Smart Office is an easy to use virtual office and online workplace – a single access point for all your data and online tools with just an internet connection. Best of all, all the tools are fully integrated and accessible from single place online. Imagine being at an open-house and being able to lookup up a contact, send them an email and attach a contract all from one place. Gain a competitive advantage by sharing information easier and improving communication and collaboration across your franchise.

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